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Peaceful Protest in Times Square in Support of the Mueller Investigation

At 5pm on Thursday, November 8th, there will be a protest in Times Square as part of nationwide Nobody Is Above the Law demonstrations in support of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

The organization is part of a rapid-response network that was activated by the firing of Jeff Sessions and the appointment of a new Attorney General who has been critical of the investigation.

Contact the organizers of the Times Square event at the link below and find other events in the area (Hoboken and Union City, NJ are the next-closest).

Nobody Is Above the Law

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This weekend: Open House New York

Tour amazing spaces and architectural masterpieces this weekend with Open House NY, where over 140 locations are opening their doors and letting the public see spaces that are normally off-limits or only seen by a select few. The most exclusive tours are limited to a certain number of advance registrations, but many other buildings are holding open house hours when anyone can visit. Learn more and put together your schedule of places to visit this weekend.

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Phone calls in Mandarin are a scam targeting cities with large Chinese populations

Don't fall for this automated phone call that attempts to scam Chinese speakers out of money. It's part of a fake money transfer scheme that targets area codes with large Chinese populations in the hopes that the made-up story will scare someone who understands the language being spoken and panics when they hear there may be something criminally wrong.

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The Courtland Street '1' station reopens, 17 years after being damaged in the September 11th attacks

For the first time, riders will be able to use the newly-renamed "WTC Courtland" station located under the World Trade Center complex. After suffering extensive damage and delays in its reconstruction, the station will reopen at noon on September 8th.

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