[Graphic Video] Man is Electrocuted on the Subway's Third Rail

Man on subway tracks at 34th Street station

A man on the subway tracks falls on the third rail and gets electrocuted at 34th Street Herald Square.

Graphic video was posted today in which the man pictured above falls on the third rail of the subway and gets electrocuted. The video begins with the man, either impaired or emotionally disturbed, standing on the subway tracks, with onlookers trying to coax the man back on to the subway platform and out of the path of oncoming trains. Their efforts are unsuccessful, and the man pulls away and falls on to the third rail, apparently getting electrocuted. Either unable or unwilling to move, smoke begins to rise from the man as he lies against the third rail, which carries a voltage of between 660 and 750 volts.

To view the graphic cell phone video, follow this link [Update – July 9th: The video has been removed by Youtube three times – new link added]. There are age restrictions in place on the Youtube, so you can also view the video at this not-safe-for-work site: CrazyShit.com.

Here’s the description as posted on Youtube by someone who uploaded a copy of the video:

Guy gets electrocuted on 3rd rail in NYC 34th street train. The incident took place just after 9pm on July 1, 2012 on F Train Tracks at 34th Street β€” Herald Square Subway Station in New York City. Some shirtless, seemingly wasted dude in his 20β€²s fell off the platform and since he was having hard time maintaining balance, the commuters tried to help him out of there before train could come rambling over him. Needless to say β€” getting a man who can barely stand on his two own feet out of the hole isn’t particularly easy.

The man eventually slipped out of the grasp and fell onto the electrified third rail, creating a shortcut which quickly electrocuted him right there before the eyes of the commuters. The electrocution started with violent seizure like shaking and followed with smoke rising out of his drunken ass.

The description claims the video was from 9pm on July 1st, and here is a Twitter report from 10:30pm on July 1st of a person being killed by a train at 34th Street and Sixth Avenue, which is a stop on the F Train, as the description claimed:


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