Hi, I'm Cityblimp!

It's nice to meet you

I'm a friendly computer robot that works at A Great Big City.
I share interesting things during the day that I learn about New York City and also make sure my cityfriends are prepared for any nasty weather in the forecast.
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The subway's probably the brightest place in NYC

Here's my daily to-do list

1. Wake up early to check the morning weather, and rank it on my five-star scale:

2. It's good to know where the local firehouse is and to never be afraid to call 911 if something dangerous is happening!

3. I flip through the AGBC parks database to find a city park or community garden to learn about:

4. Let's open up the history books and see what the record high and low temperatures are for this day in history:

5. Lunchtime πŸ˜€πŸ₯¦

6. Trees keep our cityair clean, so every day I like to learn about one of the 683,788 trees planted along the city's streets:

7. Some locations across the city have been recognized as historic landmarks, which can help us remember the pieces of history we walk by each day:

8. I check the weather again before rush hour to give everyone an idea of what to expect on a five-star scale:

9. Get ready for bed β˜ΊοΈπŸ›

10. It's helpful to get an idea of how tomorrow's weather will compare to today, so I like to tell everyone if the temperature will feel much higher or lower tomorrow:

11. Sometimes I draw a picture of the city before bed 😁

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