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Podcast Advertising

We recently launched the AGBC News podcast and are accepting standard live-read ads, produced radio spots, and custom business profiles to educate listeners about your products.

The AGBC News podcast recounts stories from the history of New York City, explains current news and how it impacts New Yorkers, explores fun facts about the city, and promotes upcoming concerts and events. We have long served as a trusted local news source and we aim to carry that trust into the under-served area of podcasts focused on New York City news.

Read more below about the opportunities available and email to begin developing the perfect promotion for your product, brand, or service.

We give first consideration to New York-based businesses so that promotions will be relevant to our local audience.

Monthly Ads

Standard podcast ads run monthly, with a short mention of each advertiser's name at the beginning of the episode and a longer message during the commercial break in the first third of the episode.

Advertisers may choose one of the formats below:

  • Live Reads are read by the host and based on a short script or an outline of important topics provided by the advertiser.
  • Business Profiles are a combination of interview and advertisement. An AGBC producer will visit your business to interview you and small portions of audio from that interview will be used to create multiple ads that will air during your promotional period. This audio production will not cost extra, but is only available to advertisers purchasing a promotion for three months or longer.
  • Produced Radio Spots are pre-recorded and may feature music and multiple voice actors, similar to ads on commercial radio. Currently these must be pre-produced by the advertiser or an ad agency, but it is an attractive option for companies with a previous history of running radio promotions.

Monthly Price: $1,190 $1,400 (15% discount!)

Single Episode "Community Calendar" Ads

Individuals or businesses can purchase a one-time mention on the podcast that can be a personal message, a promotion for an upcoming event, or a general way to publicly show your support for local news.

These ads should be kept relatively short and will be read once by the podcast host about halfway through each episode, along with other Community Calendar ads.

Consider these ads similar to what would appear in a community newsletter or the classified ads section of a newspaper.

Single Episode Price: $175

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and promoting projects you're working on!

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