Today in New York City

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Good night, and happy Thursday!

Currently: Clear πŸŒƒ and feels like 22Β°F, headed for a high temp around 3pm that will feel like 33Β°F

Extended Forecast for #NYC:
Friday: 36 / 29 🌞
Saturday: 48 / 33 🌞
Sunday: 54 / 35 🌞
Monday: 54 / 46 🌧️

Weekly weather: Light rain on Monday through next Thursday.

Record High: 69Β°F in 1939 πŸ“ˆ
Record Low: 2Β°F in 2015 πŸ“‰

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Upcoming Calendar

  • 9 days away: Leap Day πŸ§™ (February 29)
  • 10 days away: St. David's Day (Welsh celebration) (March 1)
  • 17 days away: Daylight Saving Time begins ⌚ (March 8)
  • 18 days away: Purim (March 9)
  • 18 days away: Full Moon (Worm Moon) πŸŒ• (March 9)

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