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Pepperoni-Pizza-Patterned Vans Slip-Ons

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New York City Weather

Weather Map

Current Conditions

Mostly Cloudy ⛅ and 61°F

Forecast for Sunday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

Low: 61°F   High: 69°F

Extended Forecast

Rain on Tuesday through Thursday, with high temperatures rising to 83°F on Wednesday.

Sunday Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
61°F  69°F
Monday 🌧️ Breezy starting in the evening and rain overnight.
63°F  72°F
Tuesday 🌧️ Rain until afternoon.
72°F  74°F
Wednesday 🌧️ Rain in the morning and overnight.
66°F  83°F
Thursday Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
62°F  77°F
Friday Mostly cloudy until evening.
62°F  74°F
Saturday 🌞 Clear throughout the day.
66°F  78°F
UV Index: 6 (High)
Sunday Mostly cloudy starting in the afternoon.
63°F  82°F
UV Index: 6 (High)

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