Friend Roulette - "Earthrise"

Friend Roulette playing live
Friend Roulette playing live via Friend Roulette on Facebook

Moving through Friend Roulette's "Earthrise" is a spinning late-night trip on a subway train, where your reminiscing thoughts mix with the periodic-but-steadily-changing signal lights flashing past the windows between each station stop.

Earthrise clocks in at over seven minutes, but never drags or flirts with boredom. The instrumentation creates a liveliness, and multiple movements throughout the song transition seamlessly, giving the ear a hint of Friend Roulette's musical influences at every turn.

Friend Roulette manages to sound more like a Montreal indie band than most Montreal bands and cruises on top of a sea of complex musicianship that would make Anathallo proud.

Buy "Earthrise" and more directly from the artist at Friend Roulette's Bandcamp page

(Image via Friend Roulette on Facebook)


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