What's up for August 16

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Incoming governor Kathy Hochul will take the oath of office on August 24th

After six years as lieutenant governor, Kathy Hochul will serve out the remainder of Cuomo's term and intends to seek election as the 2022 gubernatorial candidate. The NY Daily News lays out the statewide challenges Hochul will face after taking office and CBS New York has details on some NYC names being considered for Hochul's Lieutenant Governor.

Given the quarreling between Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio, it's at least some solace to the city that Hochul has explicitly stated that she will work to cooperate with city officials: "You have smart people, I have smart people. How about doing it together and not in competition?"

Vaccination or testing required at Northwell Health

Beginning August 16th, all workers at NY's largest private employer will need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or take weekly tests — ABC7

The health care provider has 77% of their workforce already vaccinated, but those opting out of vaccination will need to show weekly negative tests or face disciplinary action, including possible termination.

Many businesses have instituted vaccine requirements ahead of the city's "Key to NYC" program, which will begin requiring proof of vaccination for indoor services and events beginning August 17, with full enforcement beginning next month.

Learn more about coronavirus protection and Northwell's safety procedures

NYC Homecoming Week begins with concerts and events citywide

The city's planned Homecoming Week to celebrate the return of NYC culture begins this week, but it's not all Soul Sonic Force and C&C Music Factory concerts — You can also picnic in Bryant Park, play around at the Museum of Mathematics and even participate in events online.


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What's up for August 16

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