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Jake and Jackie
Jake and Jackie via the 92.3 Free FM page from 2006

I spent many nights in 2006 listening to 92.3 Free FM, and I still have fond memories of staying up until 3am and laughing out loud in the dark while listening to the Jake and Jackie Show.

Jake was Jake Fogelnest, creator of New York public-access show Squirt TV, and Jackie was Jackie Clarke, writer and improv performer. They came together to birth a saucy late-night show, more like experimental comedy or a group of friends sitting around, spit-balling jokes and trying to one-up each other. It was exactly the style that many comedians would end up publishing in podcast form, six years later.

It's a shame that the full archive still isn't available, but I did find a few episodes on the Internet Archive! Here are seven episodes from March 2006. It sounds like that must have been near the end, because by April 2006, Jake and Jackie posted to their Myspace page that the show was ending, with a total run of 66 episodes.

Radio is a strange business, where programs and even entire stations disappear overnight, with little explanation about where they've gone, and only occasionally does the story ever surface. Free FM's Wikipedia entry chronicles the demise of their various shows, with Opie and Anthony being the final broadcast on May 24, 2007. And with that, the station was gone.

Bonus: Hear about the birth and death of 'Jake and Jackie' straight from Jackie herself in this vintage Gothamist post:

The then Program Director, Mark Chernoff, decided that Jake should be paired with a woman and Jake brought me in and "The Jake and Jackie Show" was born. That show was a ton of fun, but a little stressful and exhausting.

Keep on Chooglin'!

(Image via the 92.3 Free FM page from 2006)


More of this. The show was brilliant

May 3, 2022 12:44pm

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