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WANR - "Can't Get Money"

WANR via WANR on Facebook

I remember browsing Myspace, looking for new music and finding bands to book for college radio station events. Unfortunately, bands could fill in the "genre" field with whatever they wanted, which led to many self-proclaimed "psychobilly meets doo-wop" or "thrash metal / chill-out" bands, a joke which was cute once; incessantly grating more than once.

Those one-liner genre jokes were overall harmless overcompensation, but WANR is the kind of band that a wildcard genre is designed for. Part blissed-out dark beats, part low-key nu-lounge, WANR's "Can't Get Money" is genre-bending at its best.

If Animal Collective and David Gray made an R&B record, it might sound a bit like this:

Buy "Can't Get Money" directly from the artist: "Cityscape EP" on Bandcamp

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