Denver's First Bitcoin ATM Opens with a Hidden Bitcoin Giveaway

Bitcoin ATM
Bitcoin ATM via @XBTeller on Twitter

A step forward in making the cryptocurrency a common household concept, the first Denver-area Bitcoin ATM is open for business at The Big Tomato, a hydroponics supply store in Aurora, Colorado.

As easy to use as a vending machine, this setup allows you to easily cash for Bitcoin, even if you're new to Bitcoin and aren't yet sure how it works. Once you feed in your cash, you could send an equivalent amount of Bitcoin to an address that you've already set up or you can print off a "paper wallet", which is an innovative way of turning the digital currency into something you can hold in your hand.

These paper wallets will also be what XBTeller is using for their hidden Bitcoin giveaway. Starting July 30, 2014 and continuing for the next week, XBTeller will hide paper wallets worth $60 to $600 each around Denver and give hints on their Twitter account about where to find them. If you track one down, you'll get to keep the Bitcoin!

How does the Bitcoin exchange work? Take a look at the video below:

Lamassu Bitcoin Machine Demo - Bitcoin 2013 from Lamassu BTC on Vimeo.

Don't live near Denver? Find a Bitcoin ATM near you with the Coindesk map of Bitcoin ATMs.

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(Image via @XBTeller on Twitter)

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