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Ex.fm Shuts Down for the Final Time, Will Join Rhapsody

Exfm screenshot
Exfm screenshot via Billboard.com

Music discovery website Ex.fm has breathed its last, and will be joining Rhapsody.

Launched in 2010, Ex.fm was powered by mp3s posted around the web, and allowed users to explore new music through these free mp3s. Years later, streaming music is far more common and music is being distributed directly to fans on platforms like Soundcloud and Bandcamp. With giants like Apple and Google launching streaming music services, it was a difficult segment to compete in without paying licensing fees.

The story comes to a close after Ex.fm shut down once in January 2014, was revived for a bit longer, then shut down again in May 2014. It must certainly be a relief to move on to Rhapsody after fighting to keep the service running.

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(Image via Billboard.com)

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