The Flairics Journalist, a Folding Multirotor UAV Made for Drone Journalism

Flairics quadcopter
Flairics quadcopter via Flairics on Facebook

Remote-controlled quadcopters have been gaining in popularity as news-gathering devices under the term "drone journalism", and now German robotics manufacturer Flairics has produced a quadcopter purpose-built for getting the scoop from the skies.

The appropriately-named "Journalist" quadcopter features a folding design that makes transport easy, even though it is a relatively large aircraft. To carry it to the scene, the quad folds in half like a book, then slides into a medium-sized duffel bag case that could easily have room for the controller and extra batteries.

Image via Flairics on Youtube

To make sure drone journalists get a usable shot, the gimbal that holds the camera is stabilized from vibration and positioned in such a way that no parts of the quadcopter will show up in the camera's field of view.

Details are still slim on when the Flairics Journalist will enter production, and regulations concerning drone use in the U.S. can still be difficult to comprehend, but keep an eye out overhead for quadcopters hovering over newsworthy events and aerial footage showing up on the evening news.

Learn more at the Flairics blog

(Image via Flairics on Facebook)

h/t DIYDrones

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