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Watch This Freight Train Drive Straight Through Town

Tampa CSX train
Tampa CSX train via ABC Action News on Youtube

Could you sleep with a train horn blowing in the street outside your house? This CSX freight train runs right down the middle of a two-lane street in Downtown Tampa, Florida.

ABC Action News in Tampa aired an interview with two residents that both live and own a business on East Polk Street, where the train runs through traffic and crosses eight intersections.

The dashed line on the map shows the train's path across the downtown area.

Image via Bing Maps

The area looks to be a recently revitalized area that was previously more industrial, which would explain the train's placement, but it has resulted in a difficult arrangement between the annoyance of the noise, odor of diesel fumes, and hazards of the train hitting a vehicle or pedestrian. Intersections along East Polk Street do have flashing train railroad crossing signals, but the local residents said that drivers would still drive in front of the train as it was approaching.

Image via Google Maps

The Tampa City Council will meet August 7, 2014 to consider the issue of declaring the area a train horn quiet zone.

(Image via ABC Action News on Youtube)


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