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Review: "Going Deep with David Rees" on the National Geographic Channel

David Rees
David Rees via "How to Flip a Coin" on NatGeo TV

Four episodes of "Going Deep with David Rees" had built up on the DVR before I got the time to check them out, but it's now a favorite, combining the playful curiosity of "James May's Toy Stories" with the in-depth experimentation of "Mythbusters".

David Rees is a cartoonist who became known for meticulous attention to detail with his Artisanal Pencil Sharpening service. He now applies that same focus to "Going Deep" on the National Geographic Channel.

Dedicated to exploring the mundane, perfecting the everyday, and finding the intricacies of overlooked activities, "Going Deep" episodes sport straight-forward titles like "How to Flip a Coin" and "How to Dig a Hole". David Rees breaks each task into its constituent parts, finding experts and adventurers relevant to every aspect of performing a seemingly simple task. How do you flip a coin? First you go to a coin dealer to find the best coin for flipping, then you go on a journey to understand true randomness by finding someone to build a randomness machine!

New episodes of "Going Deep with David Rees" air on the National Geographic Channel on Mondays at 10pm Eastern. Keep up with David Rees's occasional adventures at his website,

(Image via "How to Flip a Coin" on NatGeo TV)


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