What Type of Humanitarian Aid is Being Provided to Yazidi Refugees in Iraq?

UKAid supplies
UKAid supplies via Steve Lympany/MOD/CROWN

August 12 marked the second air drop performed by the British Royal Air Force (RAF) to provide humanitarian aid to Yazidi refugees in Iraq. As RAF C130 transport aircraft flew over Mount Sinjar in Northern Iraq, pallets of supplies were dropped via parachute containing reusable water filtration containers pre-filled with clean water, tents and tarpaulins for shelter, and solar lanterns.

Sunlite JS 20 MOB

With this second air drop of supplies, the UK Department of Internal Development has provided 1,316 Sunlite solar lanterns, a weather and dust resistant lantern that produces light via 20 LEDs and has a rechargeable battery to power small electronic devices such as cell phones.

In total, Sunlite has provided 60,000 solar LED lanterns to UN agencies which have impacted over a quarter of a million refugees.

Lifesaver Cube

The water purification devices provided to the Yazidi refugees are durable plastic Lifesaver Cubes that are pre-filled with five liters of clean water and have the ability to process 5,000 liters of water using the Cube's included filter.

With a filter size of 15 nanometers, the Lifesaver can remove all bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi, microbiological waterborne pathogens from contaminated water, producing clean, drinkable water from nearly any water source.

As of August 12, 2014, the RAF has dropped 4,380 water purification systems containing 21,900 liters of clean water.

Watch the video below to see the British RAF in action, dropping supplies over the troubled area of Iraq:

(Image via Steve Lympany/MOD/CROWN)


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