Quebec Minks Set Free, But Not Necessarily Rescued

Lock via Holly Victoria Norval on Flickr

Overnight in Saint-Jude, Quebec, a mink farm was raided and all minks released, possibly by animal activists that had been calling for government action to rescue the minks and foxes being held at a fur farm. Currently, it is unclear whether the minks were released from that farm or another in the area.

With thousands of minks being held in deplorable conditions, unknown individuals cut the locks on the cages and set the animals free. Despite their act of good will, the minks were not taken away from the farm, and many were found in the same building where they had been kept in cages. No figure was given on how many, if any, escaped.

Mink bred at fur farms are American domesticated mink, which develop smaller brains, hearts, and spleens than wild mink. Minks are also semi-aquatic animals, able to swim up to three hours at a time and eat fish as part of their diet, but fur farms feed minks horse meat and never allow the animals to experience water.

Have a look at the video below of a young mink that was saved from certain fate at a similar fur farm:

For more information, follow the Montreal SPCA.

(Image via Holly Victoria Norval on Flickr)

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