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Photos of the Newest Section of the High Line

Rail yards still run underneath the High Line
Rail yards still run underneath the High Line via allisonvella on Instagram
Rail yards still run underneath the High Line The neighborhood is still being built up around the park Old rail ties filled in and turned into a walkway Welcome to the High Line! The third section completes the park The walkways feel like pathways through the original High Line scenery Construction in the neighborhood around the High Line A rustic feel surrounds the park
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The third-and-final section of the High Line opened last week, and visitors took the opportunity to explore the newest section of the ever-popular park.

While previous sections were modified and integrated into the elevated tracks, the concept for the third section is to have a walkway above the trackbed, with wildflowers and native plants growing among the rails as they did when the High Line was an abandoned space.

Want to get a quick overview of the entire park? Have a look at this high-speed walkthrough from Animal New York.


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