Live Photos From the 2014 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

A view of the parade from quite a height!
A view of the parade from quite a height! via @theFerminator on Twitter
A view of the parade from quite a height! A very vintage view of Harold the Police Officer A classic! Harold the Police Officer Harold the Police Officer keeps watch over the crowds A Hail Mary pass sails down the parade route! Santa arrives! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone See you next year! Macy's Elves keep an eye on the parade Crowds line up ahead of the parade Tom Turkey begins the parade Snoopy and Woodstock balloons fly high above the crowds Thomas the Tank Engine looks at all his fans Spongebob joins the NYC skyline Elf on a Shelf, Papa Smurf, and a classic candy cane balloon Ronald McDonald prepares to take a turn in the parade route A view from high above of parade crowds The Pillsbury Doughboy The Macy's storefront The beginning of the parade Finn and Jake on an Adventure in NYC Up close and personal with Snoopy and Woodstock
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Temperatures in the mid-thirties and cloudy skies are making for a great parade day so far - the only possible hazard is an increase in wind speed. Currently, winds are only around 6 mph, but if they increase, they could get closer to the maximum allowable speeds of 23 mph with gusts of 34 mph.

Are you along the parade route? Send in your pics! You can mention @agreatbigcity on Twitter or Instagram or email them in via the contact page.

Also in the outlook for today's parade: A potential protest march that could disrupt parade events or infiltrate crowds along the parade route. The event is in support of ongoing Ferguson, Missouri protests.

An excerpt from the protest group's Facebook event page is below:

We will meet on the steps of the Public Library bright and early to plan exact flash mob location and make our signs. Please bring cardboard/posterboard small enough to hide on your person and markers. We are not interrupting the march, we are making a statement in the crowds.

Update β€” The protest was fairly small, with some protesters getting arrested and not disrupting the parade in any way.

How about this? Here's a look at what the Macy's parade of 90 years ago would have looked like: The New York Times posted this photo from their archives of a full-page ad announcing the first parade


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