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A Great Big City

Terror Attacks in Brussels Heighten NYC Security

Grand Central
Grand Central via Doug Davey on Flickr

Today's deadly ISIS attacks on a Brussels subway and airport led to increases of security across the city.

NYPD, National Guard, Port Authority Police, MTA Police, and NY State Police all coordinated to guard various locations in the city that could be targets of terrorism. While authorities were clear that there were no threats made against the city, the international terrorism was reason enough to set the city on edge and dispatch the police force to city airports and transit hubs.

Scenes from across the city via A Great Big City on Youtube

In Grand Central Terminal, travelers underwent baggage checks and police K-9 units swept the area in an effort to detect any hidden explosives.

Mayor de Blasio emphasized that city-dwellers should go about their daily routine, but be aware that increased police presence would be seen as extra precautions were taken.

You can read the NYPD's official statement here.


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