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How We Work: Cross-Borough Commuting and Transit Travel Times

NYC billboard seen in Birmingham, England
NYC billboard seen in Birmingham, England via Elliott Brown on Flickr

A report released by the Center for an Urban Future shows that commuters in NYC face longer travel times than the national average. The majority of New Yorkers face daily commutes of over 40 minutes.

The study shows New Yorkers usually work in their home borough or commute into Manhattan, with only 3.9% working from home. In all boroughs, the percentage of people working within their home borough increased from 2000 to 2014. The rest of the jobs are filled by workers from outside the city, with many of those 21% being in higher-paying positions, such as financial workers commuting in from Connecticut.

The longest commute belongs, possibly not surprisingly, to the Rockaways (53 minutes), while the shortest is 26 minutes in the Financial District and Greenwich Village.

Read the full report to see the stats for your neighborhood.

h/t CityLab


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