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NYPD Seeks Public's Help Identifying Suspect in Queens Village Robberies

Queens Village robbery pattern suspect
Queens Village robbery pattern suspect via NYPD

The suspect and vehicle pictured are pegged as suspect in a string of robberies in Queens Village.

Within a small area, the suspect and possibly some unidentified accomplices have gone on a months-long campaign of breaking into homes and robbing anything valuable in sight. Per the NYPD, most incidents involved the suspects entering through a rear window or door of a private residence, with no info given about if doors were forced open or if any of the windows had been left cracked open. The suspects then remove valuables, including cameras, cash, electronics, and even a 37" TV. Disturbingly, the burglars were even able to locate passports at one home, which would lead to fears of identity theft for the victims.

If you have any information on the suspect or the vehicle pictured, contact the NYPD, and if you live in and around Queens Village, be on the lookout and keep your home extra secure. This is a good time to examine the exterior of your home as a criminal would. Remove anything criminals could stand on to boost themselves into windows, add exterior lighting, and make sure your doors are locked with deadbolts.


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