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A Great Big City

Take a Trip Inside a Manhattan Tarot Card Reading with the Unbelievable Podcast

Psychic via Eli Christman

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the hanging tapestries and neon signs of tarot card storefronts? The Unbelievable Podcast took a hidden microphone into two downtown tarot card readers to reveal the mystery.

Typically a comedy podcast that discusses paranormal topics, the Unbelievable Podcast also documents the reality of strange aspects of our world, like their eye-opening visit to the over-commercialized United 93 Memorial and an interview with a former Bohemian Grove employee. In the tarot card episode, we get a glimpse into the techniques that two very different readers use during a tarot reading, including how different the results can be as each of the two hosts gets a personal reading.

Take a listen below for a surprising tour through the positive and negative experiences possible when visiting NYC tarot card readers:

Listen to "Episode 159: Undercover Tarot Card Readings" on Spreaker.
Unbelievable Podcast episode 159


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