Learn to Fly a Drone in New York City

Marked up for tracking...
Marked up for tracking... via Billie Grace Ward on Flickr

Do you have what it takes to be a drone pilot? If you've never tried out quadcopter drone flying, stop by these Brooklyn drone stores and try before you buy!

Flying a drone has a bit of a learning curve, especially when it comes to keeping track of which way is forward or backwards after a few 360ยฐ rotations. To get new pilots hands-on with the controls, Analog Drone at 250 14th Street in Park Slope plans to give you a chance to fly in their indoor test area. DNAinfo New York reports that the store will focus on the do-it-yourself community that mixes and matches parts to build their own drone, but the Analog Drone online store does show a few entry-level drones easier for beginners to fly.

A few blocks north, Brooklyn Drones will also let you test fly a drone in their "flight cage". Their site offers a similar selection of more professional drones and an informative page about where and how to fly in NYC.

Many professionals use massive, expensive drones to capture aerial images, but hobbyists can get started with something like the incredibly-popular Syma X5C for less than $50, or even a mini-drone designed specifically for indoor flight like a Hubsan mini.

Finding somewhere to fly in the city may be the greatest challenge. In a packed urban location, many areas are forbidden because your drone could fall from the sky and strike someone walking below. This screenshot from the FAA's B4UFly app shows how complicated the flight restrictions can be around NYC.

Drone flight restrictions around Park Slope

Want to learn more about drone flying before you step out into the windy outdoors? Check out the video below for drone flying tips:


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