AGBC Summer Fundraising Drive

Vue sur le pont de Manhattan depuis le pont de Brooklyn
Vue sur le pont de Manhattan depuis le pont de Brooklyn via Nicolas Vollmer on Flickr

Since 2010, A Great Big City has covered New York City news, both as a central website and as a newsfeed across social media. In those years, keeping AGBC running has been difficult, but made possible through cost-cutting measures and the support of friends and family.

That level of support can only stretch so far, so to expand our upcoming coverage, June 1st will begin our Summer Fundraising Drive.

Due to my personal outlook on remaining an independent publisher, I would prefer a reader-supported site over running any advertising, and AGBC ran without ads for many years. If A Great Big City provides you with valuable information and entertainment, please make a contribution as you are able, and allow AGBC to continue, and also support its future growth.

On the Support Page, you will find full details on the Summer Fundraising Drive. Rest assured that any level of contribution is greatly appreciated and will go directly toward supporting the site. As a thank-you gift, every monthly contribution will receive an AGBC sticker and larger contributions will receive a free item from the new AGBC Store.

Your contribution will support AGBC's day-to-day operation and allow expansion of our coverage and website features. Here are some projects that funding will make possible:

  • Expansion into video coverage
  • Necessary server and database upgrades to further speed up the site
  • Redesign of a full events calendar and a guide to everything free in NYC
  • A daily newsletter to summarize each day and present upcoming events
  • Ability to collaborate with local artists on products for the new AGBC store

Thank you again for your support and I look forward to bringing you the news for years to come,

– Trace Gilton
Editor-in-Chief, A Great Big City


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