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Some Brooklyn Starbucks Will Carry Kosher Milk Meeting Higher 'Cholov Yisroel' Status

Manheimer Building [Explored]
Manheimer Building [Explored] via pennuja on Flickr

If a lack of kosher choices have been pushing you to get your caffeine fix elsewhere, a select number of Starbucks will be adding an option for you.

Across the NYC metro region, a total of 10 Starbucks stores will switch to milk that meets 'Cholov Yisroel' requirements. This certification goes above standard kosher guidelines and ensures that a rabbi has supervised the entire production of the milk, from the time the cows were milked until it was packaged for sale.

The four stores making the switch in NYC are all near Prospect Park in Brooklyn:

  • 1927 Flatbush Avenue
  • 341 Eastern Parkway
  • 166 7th Avenue
  • 164 Park Place

The milk will be from the Pride of the Farm brand, and is certified by STAR-K.

Head over to JPUpdates for full details and a list of the 10 area stores that will begin offering Cholov Yisroel milk.

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