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The Final America's 911 Motorcycle Ride Arrives at the World Trade Center This Sunday

9/11 memorial motorcycle ride Virginia August 2011
9/11 memorial motorcycle ride Virginia August 2011 via ShashiBellamkonda on Flickr

The motorcycle ride that travels to NYC from all across the country in remembrance of September 11th victims will be coming to an end this weekend. Difficulties in blocking traffic while the motorcade moves through heavy interstate traffic mean that the 2016 ride will celebrate 15 years since 9/11, then call it quits.

After a Friday visit to the Shanksville, PA site where Flight 93 crashed and a Saturday visit to the Pentagon, the ride will head north and arrive in NYC, riding to the World Trade Center complex at 9am on Sunday, August 21st. If you'd like to see the bikes, they are scheduled to line up at Seventh Avenue and 50th Street beginning 7am on Sunday morning and depart by 8:45am to ride downtown.

For more information, visit the America's 911 Ride website.


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