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MTA Sends Test Trains Along the New Second Avenue Subway

Testing the Second Avenue Subway
Testing the Second Avenue Subway via DJ Hammers on Youtube

This may be the last time you see an empty train running on the Second Avenue line.

On October 9, 2016, the MTA ran some empty cars though the Second Avenue tunnels to test the rails and transit enthusiast DJ Hammers caught a glimpse of them through the stairway at 63rd and Lex.

The trains were empty and labeled "Not in Service", but inside each set of doors, a large box could be seen sitting on the floor, possibly to simulate the weight that passengers would add to the train.

On track to open in December 2016, the first phase of the Second Avenue Subway will be an extension of the Q Train from 63rd to 96th Street that is expected to serve 200,000 riders each day.

Look at those pristine subway tiles, the trash-free train bed between the tracks, and the ample seating available - You can daydream of living the life in this video the next time you're on a packed subway platform.


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