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NYPD Traffic Accident Data Now Available

TrafficStat via NYPD

In an expansion of their CompStat crime map, the NYPD is now making vehicular accident data available as TrafficStat.

You can use the tool to narrow down citywide events by borough, police precinct, and date. There are broad categories for incidents, such as whether a pedestrian or bicyclist was injured, and each category can be broken down on the right side of the screen with "collision type" detailing if it was a head-on collision or as a result of a right turn, etc.

Research your neighborhood to find out which intersections are the most dangerous. For instance, in the Lower Manhattan 1st Precinct, there are more incidents along Canal Street, and a cluster at the intersection of West Broadway. The greatest contributing factor in all 1st Precinct traffic accidents was a distracted driver, so now you know to watch out for drivers checking their cell phone, especially around West Broadway and Canal!

Look through the data on NYPD TrafficStat and let us know what you find in your neighborhood.


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