Two Incredibly-Well-Covered NYC-Area Attacks Appear on Trump Administration "Underreported" List

New York rally against Trump, 11/9/2016
New York rally against Trump, 11/9/2016 via mathiaswasik on Flickr

In a late-night effort to add some legitimacy to Trump's off-the-cuff remarks about "The Media", the administration has released a list of terror attacks that they call "underreported". Two NYC-area incidents made the list, which you'll surely remember from the extensive coverage each received.

When not being rattled by a TV show, struggling to operate light switches, or leaking from every seam, the Trump Administration took time out of their night to compile a rag-tag list of terror attacks that seem to be various worldwide events from the past two years that could be attached to Islamic extremist groups.

Here are the two NYC-area incidents that made the so-called "underreported" list, including the extensive coverage each incident received from the largest news outlets in the world:

October 2014 hatchet attack

A 32-year-old city resident began browsing various terrorist websites before attacking a group of police officers in Jamaica, Queens. One officer suffered a fractured skull after being struck by the attacker's hatchet and another officer suffered a cut.

Examples of media coverage: Reuters, CNN, AFP, and CBS News

September 2016 Chelsea bomber

One of the most serious attacks in our region in recent years, the bombs placed in Chelsea and in New Jersey thankfully only caused injuries, and law enforcement tracked down the attacker within hours. The investigation showed he owned and had viewed material from Islamic extremist groups.

Examples of media coverage: New York Times, CNN, USA Today, Washington Post, and Reuters


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