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Cars Get Taken for a Robotic Ride in this Brooklyn Heights Building

Robotic parking garage
Robotic parking garage via ParkPlus AGV on Youtube

Your car may not be self-driving yet, but your garage can be!

Tired of parking on the street with a rubber mat strapped to your bumper to prevent someone from scratching your ride? If you have the big bucks, move into one of the luxury buildings served by a ParkPlus automated parking system. Leave the parking to these robots and you'll never spend another morning trying to outrun a street sweeper.

This Youtube video shows the ParkPlus AGV system installed in a Brooklyn Heights building. Simply pull into the single street-level garage, exit your car, and watch as it drops through the floor into a robotic basement parking lot. The lift is actually a large platform that allows a flat robot to drive underneath, lift the vehicle, and move it without the wheels touching the ground, just like the robots that shuffle Amazon warehouse shelves. Smart software ensures the cars are arranged correctly and prevents any automated fender-benders.

In addition to the Brooklyn Heights building, there is a similar system in Greenwich Village, but with apartment prices in the multi-millions, we may stick to hitching a ride on the Olli bus.


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