Not Real Yet - Don't Get Fooled by These Trump Internment Camp Signs

#campTrump coming soon to a city near you #losangeles #newyork #detroit #chicago #miami #boston #seattle #sandiego #washingtonDC #houston #dallas #plasticjesus #donaldtrump #nobannowall
#campTrump coming soon to a city near you #losangeles #newyork #detroit #chicago #miami #boston #seattle #sandiego #washingtonDC #houston #dallas #plasticjesus #donaldtrump #nobannowall via plasticjesus on Instagram

Street artist and prankster Plastic Jesus has a bit of mischief planned for cities across the country. These misleading internment camp signs are a bit of social commentary on the Trump administration.

If you see one of these "Future Internment Camp" signs strapped to a construction fence, you will know that it's part of a nationwide art installation, and not an actual signed order for a Donald Trump internment camp for immigrants. The sign itself looks professionally made, with the seal of the President of the United States, the White House logo, and the signature of Donald Trump, but the QR code instead points to Plastic Jesus' website and the Executive Order number is a reference to FDR's establishment of Japanese internment camps in 1942.

Plastic Jesus is also the prankster behind 2016's "No Trump Anytime" parking signs, so you can expect that these new "Internment Camp" signs will show up in similar locations. A post on Instagram promises to bring the signs to cities across the U.S..

These signs have particular weight on the day that the Trump administration takes a second swings at instituting a travel ban after being struck down in an earlier court case.

"Future Internment Camp" a selection from the 10 city locations across the USA. #donaldtrump #immigration #immigrants #racism #muslim

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