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Morning Update for Sunday, May 7, 2017

Weather radar
Weather radar via Weather Underground

Happy Sunday, NYC! Currently: Partly Cloudy ⛅ and 50 °F (10 °C), headed for a high of 56 °F.

View the full forecast for historical highs and lows.

Word of the Day

Wordnik Word of the Day: torve - The word 'torve' comes from Middle English 'torven, torvien', from Old English 'torfian' ("to throw, cast missiles, shoot, stone"), from Proto-Germanic '*turbōjanan, *turbianan' (“to turn, twist”), from Proto-Indo-European '*derbh-' (“to tie together, weave”). It is related to Old English 'tearflian' ("to turn, roll, wallow"), Alemannic German 'zirbeln' ("to swirl, whirl, roll").

See the full entry for this word at

Transit Delays

🚇 Subway Status 🚇

Trains are running mostly on time this morning.

⚠ Delays or service changes on the 1/2/3, 4/5/6, and A/C/E

Find scheduled weekend changes on the MTA's Weekender.

🚦 Bridges and Tunnels 🚦

Not many problems on bridges and tunnels this morning.

⚠ Delays at the Hugh L. Carey, Marine Parkway, Queens Midtown, and Robert F. Kennedy

View full details at the MTA's Bridge and Tunnel page.

🚂 LIRR 🚂

Trains on the LIRR are running smoothly this morning.

⚠ Delays or service changes on the Babylon lines. ⚠

View full details at the MTA's LIRR page.

NYC Bridge of the Day

Roosevelt Island Bridge - Opened: 1955 Length: 2,877ft

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