Would $123 Convince You to Bike to Work?

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arc 2/2 via dolapo on Flickr

With transit meltdowns and ride-share controversies making travel across the city difficult, would you be more willing to jump on a two-wheeler?

The mayor of Bucharest, Romania has proposed the idea that each citizen be given $123 toward a bicycle purchase, with the hope that it would decrease traffic congestion and improve air quality. New York thankfully has a massive public transit infrastructure that moves millions per day, but there are still trips that could better be taken via bike, whether it's a daily commute to work or adventuring around the outer boroughs, and a city voucher for a bike discount could be just what it takes to get more bikes on the road to take some stress of the transit system.

The cost of a monthly MetroCard is $121 and a yearly CitiBike pass is $163 — a $123 credit toward a bicycle purchase could fit between those two options for those that want to explore outside the reach of the transit system and take longer rides that the 45 minute CitiBike limit. Combined with the existing bike helmet giveaways, bike maintenance workshops by Times-Up, and occasional bike light giveaways, the city could add new riders to the streets and the 1,000+ miles of bike lanes.

Why encourage bicycle infrastructure on streets built for cars? Watch the timelapse video below of CitiBike usage compared to the street space being occupied by three parked cars:

Stay tuned as the bike voucher proposal makes its way through the Bucharest government, and get in touch with the NYC DOT if you think it'd be a good program for NYC to investigate.

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