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Online Retailer Jet Will Use Remote-Access Locks to Deliver to NYC Buildings

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Physical Graffiti via www.davidbaxendale.com on Flickr

The Walmart-owned online retailer Jet.com is launching a pilot program with Latch locks to allow deliveries inside 1,000 NYC buildings.

As part of the partnership, buildings will be outfitted with Latch electronic smart locks that control access via a smartphone, access card, or door code, and Jet's delivery partners will be able to securely place packages inside the lobby or foyer.

Since the $400 Latch lock will control the main door of the building, residents will also need to use the new system daily, which could be a bit of an adjustment for less tech-savvy residents.

Do you live in one of the 1,000 test buildings? Get in touch and let us know how it's working out!

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