Shake Shack Opening "Digital Kiosk" in Astor Place That Won't Accept Cash

Shake Shack Floating Cup in Dumbo Brooklyn
Shake Shack Floating Cup in Dumbo Brooklyn via Jon Grado on Flickr

Maybe those long Shake Shack lines were because of all the people trying to pay by check?

When the newest Shake Shack opens in Astor Place this month, leave the piggy bank at home — your money's no good here! The experimental concept will be a cashless design where customers place orders via touch screens in the store or the Shake Shack app. In the corporate-speak of their corporate press release: "Hospitality Champs" will help "guests" place orders at "digital kiosks" at this new "playground" location.

The Shakers claim that the streamlined ordering process will allow for a more efficient kitchen able to push out more orders, and moving employees away from the front lines of customer service will certainly help the overhead of running a burger joint. One benefit is the introduction of a $15/hour wage, more than the starting pay at other Shacks. If all goes well, Shake Shack plans to raise the hourly pay at other locations.

Stop by and see it in person later this October at 51 Astor Place at 9th and Third in the East Village.

Me? I'll be one block over on St. Mark's, reminiscing about buying corn dogs with a handful of change at the city's last automat.


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