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Actress Arrested in Union Square Subway Shove

Union Square Subway blur
Union Square Subway blur via cyrusoxford on Flickr

Was it boozy "wiggling" or an intentional shove? The actress is in custody, but the motive remains unclear.

Late Saturday night, a 57-year-old woman felt a push from behind as she was waiting for the '4' Train at Union Square. She stumbled forward, but was able to catch herself on a pillar and avoided falling onto the tracks.

Police heard screams from the platform and rushed to the scene. A 35-year-old actress from the Bronx was arrested for the shove after a witness identified her. She told detectives that the push was accidental — she was feeling "wiggly" after drinking four glasses of wine that night, causing her to bump into the woman on the subway platform. It was unclear whether security camera footage from the subway station will show the scene and clarify whether the push was due to drunkenness or intentional malice.

The actress was charged with felony first-degree attempted assault and held for two days until paying her $7,500 bail on Monday.

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