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New ABC True Crime Series Takes a Look Back at an Unsolved 2003 Murder

A Murder on Orchard Street
A Murder on Orchard Street via ABC News

"A Murder on Orchard Street" hopes to bring new details to light by re-examining a 2003 Lower East Side murder.

Original video footage, 911 recordings, and present-day interviews drive this ABC News investigation into the murder of Burke O'Brien.

Burke was shot and killed in the early-morning hours of Sunday, January 12, 2003, but a missing murder weapon and conflicting statements from the victim's friend and an eyewitness meant that the case remained unsolved.

The seven-part series will follow the investigation as it happened through archive footage and approach the case with a modern-day view, 14 years after the night that ended a young man's life, only days before he was set to move to the city for a new job.

Watch the series on ABC News or subscribe to the podcast to stay up-to-date every week.

Local news articles from the time of the murder


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