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Bed-Stuy Bust Finds Drug and Credit Card Operation

Clifton Place, Bed-Stuy
Clifton Place, Bed-Stuy via Google Maps
Clifton Place, Bed-Stuy Illicit materials confiscated
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An investigation by the 79th Precinct led to a bonanza when NYPD officers searched a Clifton Place apartment in late September.

The location along a peaceful Brooklyn street was housing drugs, guns, and manufacturing equipment that is used to fabricate credit cards. In NYPD photos, multiple guns, cash, drug packaging material, and unidentified pieces of machinery can be seen. One of the appliances is a Zebra P330i card printer, which is marketed as being able to create payment cards, employee ID badges, and driver's licenses.

The NYPD itemized the drugs, guns, and ammunition found, but especially interesting were "50 vials of liquid marijuana". It was unclear whether the team was manufacturing it from the marijuana also found at the location, if they were reselling some kind of synthetic liquid cannabinoid meant to be swallowed in pill form, or if the liquid was meant for vape pens.

In all, the search warrant resulted in three suspects being taken into custody and hopefully put a wrench in an ID-theft operation.


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