Police Shoot Man Brandishing BB Gun in East Flatbush

BB gun recovered in East Flatbush
BB gun recovered in East Flatbush via NYPD

A man is in critical condition after police respond to reports of a suspect with a gun.

Late Thursday night, police received a call about a 19-year-old man with a gun inside a deli at Church Avenue and East 34th Street in East Flatbush. When police arrived, the suspect fled and officers observed him holding a firearm, so an officer fired and struck the suspect in the leg.

After the suspect was apprehended, police saw that the handgun he was seen with inside the deli and holding as he fled was actually a BB gun. Photos provided by the NYPD show a strikingly realistic BB handgun, which is not required to have an orange tip as it is not sold as a toy. However, a license is required [PDF link] to legally possess a BB gun in New York City.

The suspect was admitted to Kings County Hospital and treated for his gunshot wound. Police reported that he has prior arrests, including robbery and sealed charges from his juvenile record.

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