Smaller Target Store Opens in Herald Square

Herald Square Target
Herald Square Target via Target
Target' data-fancybox='59ea1037ea0fde00049ffd45' href='' rel='59ea1037ea0fde00049ffd45' title='Herald Square Target'> Herald Square Target Target' data-fancybox='59ea1037ea0fde00049ffd45' href='' rel='59ea1037ea0fde00049ffd45' title='Herald Square Target interior'> Herald Square Target interior
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The 43,000 square foot store is opening on 34th Street, setting up shop in Macy's neighborhood.

By no means the first, but the boldest opening of a Target within the city limits. The company has plans to open smaller stores across the city, but the 34th Street location is sure to serve as a flagship and a forward operating base in their NYC expansion.

Settled amongst the likes of Macy's, JCPenney, and Old Navy, Target has chosen the Herald Square location wisely, attracting both purpose-driven New Yorkers hopping off the 'R' Train as well as a worldwide audience of tourists passing through the area each day.

The "small" format for the store is a matter of perspective: Most anything would appear small with the World's largest department store staring you down, but at 43,000 square feet, the new Target is around a third the size of one of its suburban models. For comparison, the Astor Place K-Mart is around 150,000 square feet. Maybe Target planners could take some cues from bodega owners, where seemingly hundreds of products perch precariously in 100 square feet of space.

Like the concept but have a thing about going north of 34th Street? New Tiny Targets will be coming for the Lower East Side, Jackson Heights, Hell's Kitchen, and the East Village next.

Have you stopped by the new location? Do you think they'll have "I <3 NYC" shirts two for $10?

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