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Nike Shoes Take a Walk out Unlocked Door at Midtown Store

Just did it.
Just did it. via elizaIO on Flickr

NYPD gumshoes are on the case of the overnight theft at Niketown.

Security video shows two thieves entering the store just after 10pm on Monday night, two hours after closing. One digs through a pile of cardboard boxes, choosing one without even looking inside, and walks out the door. The NYPD investigation showed that the front door had been left open, giving the sneaker stealers easy entry into the flagship Nike location attached to Trump Tower.

The target box was full of Jordan Retro 11 shoes, due to be released this Saturday. At their $220 retail price, the loot would be worth $6,600, but the shoes likely hit the black market or the sidewalks of Canal Street with hopes of selling for more before the official release date.

No word on any arrests or whether employees or delivery workers were suspected of leaving the door open.

Niketown has announced they will leave the Trump Tower location by Spring next year, with employees claiming that being associated with Trump's name was part of the deciding factor.


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