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Don't Worry: Tonight's Fireball and Explosion in Greenpoint is Completely Fine

West Street between Milton and Noble
West Street between Milton and Noble via Google Maps

Filming for a movie or TV show will use a simulated explosion tonight along the Greenpoint / Williamsburg waterfront.

Fear not! Sometime between 5:30pm and 9pm tonight, the fireball that erupts into the sky will be a sign that some evildoer has finally met their match during the filming of Cop Drama Show, not the first volley in the nuclear war that will eventually consume us all.

The details are scarce, but the simulated explosion could light up the neighborhood and be visible across the East River from Manhattan, so any commuters on the FDR or in an East River ferry are in for a scare.

If you're in the area of West Street between Milton and Noble, stop by and check it out from an appropriately safe distance. For a more solemn experience, check our schedule of menorah lightings and set flame to a candle on this, the first night of Hanukkah.


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