Trump Administration Uses Failed NYC Bombing to Push Irrelevant Immigration Claims

Ellis Island, New York
Ellis Island, New York via National Archives

After yesterday's attempted suicide bombing, the Trump Administration tried to swing public conversation toward immigration reform, which would have done nothing to stop this attack.

In an official statement, the administration attempts to tie the failed suicide bomber to Trump's Muslim ban. The bombing at the Port Authority was done by a U.S. citizen who entered the country legally, has no criminal record, went through more extensive background screening on the path to citizenship than any natural-born citizen, and emigrated from Bangladesh, a country that was never included on any list of countries that would face restricted immigration.

He is the definition of a "lone wolf" terrorist, radicalized online and inspired by the propaganda and following the suggestions of a terror organization without direct contact or guidance from a group. It was a threat that President Obama singled out after two self-radicalized terrorists carried out an attack in San Bernardino. Rather than encouraging "government, law enforcement, communities, faith leaders โ€ฆ to work together to prevent people from falling victim to these hateful ideologies", the Trump team issued a vague, unsupported statements about visa types and numbers of Immigration officers.

Since reality didn't fit a political narrative, the current administration instead claimed that the family-sponsored visa program was to blame, where a U.S. citizen may sponsor a family member on an application for citizenship. The vast majority of visa applications are family or employer-sponsored, and there are massive waiting lists for each type. Further restricting this process would do nothing to stop terrorism, as demonstrated by the Immigration Services Director's stammering inability to provide data to support Trump's claims.

And now, a level-headed word from NYPD Commish O'Neill:

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