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2,800 Mile E-Bike Ride Begins Sunday in Union Square

Electron Wheel in NYC
Electron Wheel in NYC via Instagram

On December 31st, bicyclist Max Lippe will ride an e-bike from New York to Las Vegas. The event will promote the Electron Wheel, an add-on front wheel that turns your bike into an e-bike.

Starting from Union Square, Max's trip will wind across the nation, steering south to hopefully avoid any snowy roads, and end 10 days later in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics show. Electron will be exhibiting their newest design, which incorporates Google Assistant for hands-free control of the wheel's settings.

To make the 2,826 mile journey, Max will be followed by a support van that is charging extra Electron wheels. After approximately 50 miles, the bike's entire front wheel will be replaced with a fully-charged unit. Each day requires an average of 280 miles to stay on schedule, so there may be five to six daily wheel exchanges. In addition to eating, sleeping, and stopping for bathroom breaks, the trip is sure to be a strenuous experience.

Follow along with the ride at the Ride to CES site and stop by Union Square tomorrow to wish Max good luck!

(And don't worry, the electric wheel only assists you while pedaling and isn't self-propelled, so it is legal to ride in NYC)


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