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Shock of Orange Flames atop Trump Tower Caused by Electrical Fire

trump tower, nyc
trump tower, nyc via Google Maps

Flames seen at Trump Tower this morning were due to equipment on the roof of the building.

Minutes before 7am, the FDNY responded to Trump Tower after smoke was seen by Secret Service agents monitoring the building. By 8:15am, the fire was completely extinguished and posed no danger to any interior spaces, and there was no need to evacuate any offices or residences. The cause of the blaze is under investigation, but was being referred to as an electrical problem in ventilation equipment that is stored on top of the building.

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One firefighter suffered a minor injury from falling debris and one building worker was treated for smoke inhalation after taking a fire extinguisher to the roof to battle the fire. Later in the day, fire officials referenced another injured civilian, but offered no details except that the injury was minor.

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