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Chunk of Ice Falls From 66 Charlton, Crushing Car in SoHo

66 Charlton St
66 Charlton St via Google Maps

An large chunk of ice fell from the top of 66 Charlton Street in SoHo and smashed directly onto the roof of an SUV parked below.

Thankfully the ice fell away from the building and the impact was absorbed by the vehicle, but it was an unlucky shot for the owner of the silver SUV parked 21 stories below massive globs of ice accumulating near ventilation equipment at the top of 66 Charlton. From helicopter video, ice matching the same rusty color could be seen at the top of the building, formed around some type of drainage pipe.

Today's warmer weather has been melting away signs of the previous week's snowstorm, but more comfortable temperatures create hazards for pedestrians (and silver SUVs) below.

There don't appear to be any injuries, and the vehicle seems to have been unoccupied, but Charlton Street is closed between Varick and Hudson while investigators clear the scene.

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