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Front Yard is our location guessing game! Get to know the city better and explore the "front yard" that we all share: The city's outdoor locations. Each photo shows a street view within the five boroughs β€” We've tried to crop out any identifying characteristics, but there may still be some hints hidden in there somewhere!

Most NYC neighborhoods have a certain look to them, so that even if you don't know the street, you can get a general idea of where you are, based on the architecture and the features you can see in the distance. But, what's this? The blocky houses and bright green grass lining this street look more like a computer rendering of a new neighborhood. Where in NYC would there be enough open space to build a completely new neighborhood? πŸ€”

Can you figure out today's mystery location? Maybe you even live in one of those homes, which mysteriously all have their blinds drawn…


Those futuristic row houses are along Egan Street in Spring Creek, Brooklyn!

A fascinating neighborhood is sprouting up just south of East New York, on land that was previously used as a landfill. The streets are lined with various designs that give the "Brooklyn brownstone" style a modern twist, squaring off corners and adding vibrant colors, with multiple styles of construction facing each other across the streets. The homes are modular designs and can be combined in multiple configurations.

Brand-new landscaping and lack of bodega infrastructure gives Spring Creek a suburban feel, but the Gateway Center shopping complex a few blocks away gives residents access to a full assortment of stores that would make any Manhattanite jealous β€” everything from a Target to an ALDI supermarket.

Alexander Gorlin architects built a number of the homes in the neighborhood, and explains that the "Nehemiah Spring Creek" name given to the development represents the "Old Testament prophet, Nehemiah, who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem", much like the new homes aim to reconstruct the Brooklyn that has been lost to blight.

Want to send in your own photos or suggest a location? Take a street shot that doesn't contain any street signs, visible store fronts, or any other easily-identifiable landmarks to make the image harder to guess and email it to us. Check out the rest of our Front Yard locations. πŸ™


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