NYC Announces New Ferry Names Chosen by City Schoolchildren

New York City
New York City via tinto on Flickr

No Floaty McFloatface here! Kids from across the city brainstormed names for new NYC ferry boats, and the city has chosen the winners.

Here are the 2018 ferry names along with their winning schools:

  • Seas the Day β€” P.S.102 The Bayview School
  • Unity β€” P.S. 102 The Bayview School
  • Golden Narrows β€” P.S. 102 Bayview School
  • The Ocean Queen Rockstar β€” P.S. 197 The Ocean School
  • Rainbow Cruise β€” P.S. 330Q
  • Starlight β€” P.S. 112Q Dutch Kills
  • The Jewel of The Harbor β€” P.S. 170 The Ralph A. Fabrizo School
  • Spring Mallard β€” P.S. 148
  • The Atlantic Compass β€” P.S. 270 The Johann Dekalb School
  • Traversity β€” P.S. 29 The John M. Harrigan School

Some of these upcoming names will go on six larger ferries that the city has ordered to alleviate long lines after the ferry service proved to be so popular.

The previous naming contest gave the city these 13 titles: Lunchbox, Urban Journey, Waves of Wonder, Friendship Express, Connector, Flyer, Opportunity, Happy Hauler, Great Eagle, Owls Head, McShiny, Munsee, and Sunset Crossing.

Learn more about the ferry service or even apply to work as a captain or deckhand at and let us know your favorite ferry name below! 🚒

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