New Yorkers Say "Give Us Cuomo!" 2-to-1 Over Cynthia Nixon

Gov. Cuomo & Chairman Prendergast Ride E Train
Gov. Cuomo & Chairman Prendergast Ride E Train via Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit

What's a few subway delays between old friends? In a new Quinnipiac poll, New York registered Democrats would choose two-term governor Andrew Cuomo over Cynthia Nixon by more than a 2-to-1 ratio.

When asked if the primary election were being held today, the 415 self-identified Democrats in the phone survey of 934 New Yorkers said they'd choose Cuomo over Nixon 59% to 23%. When placed in a full running of all potential candidates for New York governor, Cuomo still takes the top at 43%, with Nixon falling behind the Republican candidate to third place.

Within the city proper, where the battle lines have been drawn between Cuomo and Nixon over NYCHA housing and the subway system, NYC voters choose Cuomo at an even greater split on both the head-to-head primary question and the full list of potential candidates.

Similar ratios were seen when those surveyed were asked if they had a favorable opinion of both candidates: 49% are favorable of Cuomo, with only 27% for Nixon, and the split is even wider among NYC voters at 59% to 31%.

Questions about Republicans and candidates from smaller parties were mostly met with a shrug, with high percentages of those surveyed answering they "Haven't heard enough" to come to a favorable or unfavorable conclusion.

Another interesting detail: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was included on a favorable/unfavorable question, and received a 22% favorable result, with 60% saying they haven't heard enough about her to form an opinion. She is likely to be elected as the U.S. Representative for parts of Queens and the Bronx, but 58% of NYC voters surveyed still hadn't heard enough to answer whether they had a favorable opinion of her.

Read the full poll results for complete info on each question, including results concerning the New York Attorney General and U.S. Senate races.


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